Photo of Gigi Bibeault

Gigi Bibeault

Gigi spent many years in commissioned sales and learned very early how to set goals.

She achieved a lot over a long career, only to have most of it dismantled under the new economy.

During this time of dismantling, God began to tenderly instruct Gigi that she had indeed set goals but never submitted them to Him for input or approval.

This resulted in years of Gigi running after her own goals and asking God to run along behind her to bless the work of her hands.

In this new Season Gigi has learned to submit her plans unto Him first – to allow God to take the “red pencil” to her goals –  and then to follow rather than lead.

The purpose of Goals and Grace is to encourage believers to persevere, to live boldly, to be partners with God, and to have a faith unbound by circumstances.

“Be strong and courageous.   Do not be afraid or discouraged.   God is with you.” – Joshua 1:9

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  1. Debbie Turner says:

    Gigi, this is a wonderful expression of your faith based living. You are a very kind and loving person. I wish you the very best and pray that you will find renewed success in all you do. After all, with Jesus on your side, how can you fail?

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